Intended to create vaccine AIDS!
On day 3 after 3rd MODeRNA shot 2.8% (3.7% in women(!), 0.8% in men) of employees of University Hospital Basel had at least subclinical myocarditis, on day 4 about half of them.
As Today’s VRBPAC Meeting Ended, CDC Dep. Dir. Tom Shimabukuro Admits COVID Vaccines Are Causing “Debilitating Illnesses”
Dr. John Campbell.British Heart Foundation Links ‘Delayed Care’ to 30,000 Excess Deaths Involving Heart Disease
Stickers of the dead caused by the jabs are posted on windows of the BBC.
“Pfizer’s bivalent shot for Covid-19 has shown a potential link to stroke in people 65 and older, according to US health officials citing preliminary data from one of several vaccine safety databases.”
Harvard University Is Now Forcing Flu Shots and Bivalent Boosters on College Students
Dr. Kelly Victory: HCQ and IVM Are Proven, Safe Drugs – They Don’t Just Become Unsafe in the Context of COVID
The Elephant in the Room: Astronomical Spikes in Excess Mortality Among Young, Healthy Cohorts
Dr. Mike Yeadon: “I am convinced that more than 100,000 people were killed by the government protocols of midazolam and morphine”
CDC is investigating a potential link between COVID mRNA injections and ischemic strokes.
“Turbo Cancer”: Dr. Charles Hoffe Says 2/3 of His Patients’ New Cancer Diagnoses are Stage 4
Geert Vanden Bossche: “We Are Turning Vaccine Recipients Into Asymptomatic Spreaders!”
Peter McCullough, To Save Lives These Vaccines Need To Be Pulled Off The Market
Dr. Chris Shoemaker: if An Enemy Was To Choose 3 Areas Of The Body To Target With These Injection, The Brain, Immune System and Ovarian System
When you apply for an ID card in China, you need to provide your DNA to police first. Especially males
US 80% vaccinated vs Niger 15%

Illegal Mandates




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