Dr. Mary Bowden has treated over 2,000 patients with COVID-19  “I have been keeping people out of the hospital. And for that Houston Methodist suspended my privileges.”
Dr. Pierre Kory shines a light on the information war we are in   “It’s a war that’s been going on for decades and it’s waged by the pharmaceutical industry”
Dr. Carrie Madej on how the vaccine causes damage to the embryo.
Canadians against the mandates
Dr. Paul Marik on the use of Remdesivir
Customer in an Etobicoke Costco is arrested and hauled away by cops for not wearing a mask despite having a medical exemption.
German schoolchildren left stuffed animals wearing face masks on school steps, representing each child that will no longer be attending public schools so long as harmful mask mandates are in place.
Nurse speaks out against mandates:  “This is coercion, this is bullying and this is wrong. It goes against our nursing code of conduct and we need to push back.”
Dr Mary Talley Bowden is putting her patients first and questioning the Covid narrative.
Boris Johnson announces the end of covid vaccine passports and mask requirements in the UK.
Forcing Children into This is Child Abuse
WHO Chief Scientist: “…there’s no evidence right now that healthy children, or healthy adolescents, need boosters. No evidence at all.”
“The virus is better at immunising than the vaccine”.
Woman get face disfigured after taking the AstraZeneca  Jab
Paris packed to the rafters against covid passports and mandates today as millions worldwide rallied
The criminal covid money trail!
Covd test Child Abuse!!
Nurse Talks About Vaccine Mandate
Children in China Sent to Quarantine Camps.
Soccer Player Who Takes Vaccine Collapses in Full Game, Portugal.
Queensland Australia: A woman is allegedly arrested for not revealing her ‘vaccine status’ to police according to online reports
French students taking up the fight against covid passports.
Czech Police, medical workers, firefighters and citizens, all together against apartheid health besiege the Ministry of the Interior in Prague.
Report from the COVID unit – It´s full of the triple vaccinated people
This is the reason why red Cross international refused vaccinated blood a few weeks ago
An Orange comes out positive to a covid Test
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Ahmad Malik:  “Mandatory vaccinations set a very dangerous precedent.
Numbers don’t lie!!  You are 4,520% more likely to die from the vaccine than to be saved by one
A NY teacher was arrested after she gave a 17 year old kid the J&J vaccine without his parent’s permission.

Illegal Mandates




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