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mRNA vaccines cause heart inflammation in young men

According to recent data and statistics, it can be pinned down that a great deal of young men has undergone heart inflammation after taking their second dose of the mRNA covid 19 vaccines. In addition to that, post to the Israeli Health Ministry’s statement on the association between young men and Pfizer covid 19 vaccine, […]

COVID-19 vaccines destroy your Immune System, By Dr. Geert Bossche

The German virologist, a vaccine specialist, has stated that COVID-19 vaccines can destroy the innate Immune System of people. As we have already warned throughout our blog, the true defender of our body is our own Immune System, which cannot be overcome by any vaccine, and on this occasion, an expert has spoken out on […]

CAUTION: New danger detected in vaccines against covid – 19

New information about side effects of new covid-19 vaccines continues to appear. On this occasion, it seems that a potential danger has been discovered with the peak of the virus used for the manufacture of the new vaccines, since it was thought that this would act in a similar way to how all vaccines are […]

Dr. Gérard Delépine offers evidence of vaccine mortality.

A recent study by Dr. Gérard Delépine provides evidence that many countries where population-based vaccination measures have been implemented have seen significant increases in deaths and side effects caused by covid-19 vaccines. The record compiled and translated by the Global Research portal, originally published in French, shows the data provided by the 10 countries with […]

New Rich People Earn More Profits Thanks to the Vaccines and the Pandemic

The Defender portal brings us very relevant information about the new net income by the pharmaceutical companies that created the COVID-19 vaccines. Not long ago, part of the criticism of these vaccines wasn’t only due to the application of a new method of gene therapy and of being experimental vaccines but there was also talked […]

Deaths and side effects caused by covid-19 vaccines create an emergency situation

New records about side effects and deaths caused by vaccines against the coronavirus are alarming, as new official data are emerging all over the world, making clear the risk that the population runs when being vaccinated with these new compounds, about all those related to mRNA that are still considered experimental, and it is not […]

UK Doctors Tell MHRA: “Don’t Vaccinate Children!”

The scientific and medical community in general expressed to the MHRA through a letter that it is not necessary to vaccinate children, as they consider it an irresponsible, unethical and unnecessary act. This letter was from Dr. Ros Jones, a retired pediatrician, where she explains the dangers of vaccines. Signed by more than 40 physicians, […]

Ron DeSantis creates a law to fight censorship in social networks

This Monday – May 24 – Ron DeSantis , Governor of Florida, signed a bill, which is designed to stop social media censorship in relation to conservative ideas. The law takes effect on July 1. The measure (SB 7072) will allow social media companies like Twitter and Facebook to be fined when they delete posts, comments, or people. If they do, they will need to provide […]

Study on the adverse effects of vaccines against covid 19

A study published by Dr. Jessica Rose offers very interesting data about the vaccines against covid 19, carrying out an analysis of it due to the different adverse effects that have been reported throughout the period of administration of these vaccines. As highlighted by the portal America’s Frontline Doctors, the study by Dr. Jessica, the […]

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