We need more doctors to find the courage to speak.  A 1000 cheers to these good Drs speaking out, and following their oath to “Do No Harm”. Hope exponentially greater numbers will speak out as they become aware of VAERS data and all cause death rates showing how harmful these vaccines are.
Dr Roger Hodkinson explains how COVID gene therapy injections affect pregnant women and their fertility:  “We could be looking at a very significant reduction in the ability of human race to populate itself.”
Improve the health of your kidneys with these natural remedies
The Fed Raises Interest Rates Again by 0.75%, in a Historic Measure to Curb Inflation
Dr. Luke McLindon, “I saw that the miscarriage rate had increased by 3 or even 4 times. 23 patients went for vaccination (mRNA) Pfizer 17 of them subsequently miscarried.”
WHO says, “A tragic milestone: 1 million people died of Covid in 2022.”  And from sudden death syndrome?  Death after the vaccine?  Death from heart attack?   How many people suffered painful deaths after receiving this poisonous vaccine?
“In today’s hearing, I showed a video of Dr. Fauci claiming natural immunity is “The most potent vaccination.”   Fauci tried to use the corporate media to defend himself, but words don’t lie.” Sen. Rand Paul
20:06   War on the West: These Jabs Are Clearly a Bioweapon  It turns out the injections are being produced with the CCP through Fosun Pharmaceuticals out of Shanghai. And the adverse events are not proportionately distributed.  • The vast majority of these adverse events were in the United States.  • The second largest chunk was in Western Europe.  • And all the other 56 countries combined where this injection was rolled out only amount to 7000 adverse events.
18:28   A WEF presentation from 2015  explaining how to change the human genome using mRNA. Still, the media mocks those who point this out!
New study finds organ recipients rejecting transplant after receiving COVID vaccine.
The Biggest Medical Experiment in World History Is Not Over Yet—More Shots to Come  Dr. Naomi Wolf: “We’ve seen internal documents from the CDC showing that they always had planned six injections, so it’s not over yet. From the beginning, [they] had planned six injections.”
FINALLY Fauci Is Retiring, but Where He Should Really Be Is in Jail  Because of Fauci  • There were countless injuries and deaths that could have been prevented.  • People died alone, away from their families.  • Horrible hospital costs.  • Children’s education was delayed by years.  • Small businesses shut their doors that will never reopen again.  • People lost their First Amendment rights: churches closed; freedom of speech was shut down.
FDA warns of false negatives with at-home COVID-19 tests.
Tsunami of deaths is about to arrive. If you’ve got a bunch of family members and friends that have had at least one of the shots, I think you should be looking at them as if they were just diagnosed with a terminal illness. We don’t know how long they are going to live.   Dr Sherri Tenpenny
Immediate action should be taken says Dr John Campbell on a study entitled Cardiovascular effects of the MRNA Covid vaccine in adolescents.
This drug is hurting children to the point of death; The numbers don’t lie   Dr. Chris Shoemaker; Children are dying in the first 6 months after the shots of ‘unrelated conditions’  Vaccinated children are 82X more likely to die
Face scans now for payments in China.  The next stage is, requiring this to buy anything. And if your social credit score falls too low, you are banned from shopping. Or if the police are looking for you, you can’t shop without revealing your location.
An injured theatre nurse (15yrs) speaks out on the  footsteps of AHPRA Melbourne.  She gives a heartbreaking account of her own healthcare trials and  begs for the facts to come out.  An incredibly brave lady who deserves to be heard !!
Child screams as Dutch police baton the public in Almelo who have gathered in support of the Dutch farmers mural reading “no farmers, no food” which the mayor has ordered to be removed.
Covid vax=Monkeypox
If you like or have papaya trees out there, try using its leaf as it also contains several health benefits. You can use the leaf with such preparation as teas, extracts, tablets, and juices.
Dr. Li-Meng Yan describes the complete digital prison that the CCP have implemented, which weaponises CHILDREN against their own families and controls everyone into government compliance.
onion to remove mucus and loose congestion
Dr. Jame Thorp: There wasn´t a 13% miscarriage, there was an 82% miscarriage.
Three shots later:   “I was just following doctors’ orders and government mandates.”
Dr. Ted Broer: 10 Foods Not To Eat:
Hong Kong will Require People To Wear Tracking Bracelets During k0v1d Quarantine

Illegal Mandates




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