In the state of Michigan, police officers will now provide assistance “remotely” due to high fuel prices. 📍One of the police stations ran out of money for gasoline due to a record increase in fuel prices.
Doctors and scientists from 42 countries say microwaves (mmWaves), which 5G uses, cause headaches, fatigue, decreased concentration, tinnitus, irritability and insomnia, damage to eyes, antibiotic resistance.
“This Is Not Normal” – Embalmer Richard Hirschman Releases Footage of Unbelievable Blood Clots
This is a Natural Lung Care and it is also good for Diabetes and Asthma as well as helps with insulin production.
Old Chinese man gets arrested by COVID stormtroopers in the Qingpu District in Shanghai.
No Organ Is Safe: Vaccine-Induced Autoimmune Attack in the Brain, the Heart, the Lungs, etc.
Zero CONvid China camp
Volleyball Player Suddenly Drops Dead – Another Coincidence?
Australia – Tania Ma – Covid Vaccine Injury: My Hands Shake So Bad That I Can’t Read A Book
Chinese boy in a lock down quarantine camp
Here’s What Real Scientists Have Been Warning About Vaccines
Dr. Hoffe on the Vaxxed’s blood…
A young pregnant woman injects the second dose of the eugenic vaxx.  Three and a half weeks later, she goes to the hospital for doctors to check how the fetus is growing. They tell him that he is dead and that he has been dead inside his body for about three and a half weeks.
Alex Jones speaking in the year 2002 about the NEW WORLD ORDER and the things we are living now.
Bill Gates talks about covid: “… mortality is quite low”.
India – COVID-19 Vaccine: No one can be forced to get vaccinated, rules Supreme Court amid COVID surge.
Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Adverse Reaction
Child dies of suspected hepatitis in Wisconsin as mystery outbreak sweeps the world: 20 cases now in US and 200 globally – with at least 18 kids needing liver transplants.
The law allows the govt to remove children from the homes of those parents who do not want to mask/vaccinate them and deem the parents “unfit.”
Hoodoo Herbalism: Elderberry is well known for its ability to prevent and fight against cold, flu and a viruses! It is also widely used for its ability to treat constipation, respiratory infections, wounds, and rheumatic ailments.
If people would know what is really in the products that we buy 100% legally and sold by big brands with no control from the governmental agencies, they would be mortified by the truth.
Radiation sickness is deemed as a conspiracy theory precisely because it is real.
The Secrets of water. Water is a powerfull healing agent and the most complex substance in the world.
PFIZER EXPOSED – Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla already sending poisoned Covid jabs for those fleeing Ukraine! – THOUGHTS?
Dr. David Martin on mRNA vaccines   “This is a genetic engineering and genetic modification as stated by the companies, and it is in fact gene therapy designed to harm humanity and perpetually make humanity a slave to the ongoing gene editing fantasies of psychopaths”
The connection between 5G and Covid 19, as proven time and time again, the origin of this “virus” was the Wuhan area where 5G was implemented and people begun to experience its nefarious health effects.
Cell sized robots‼️Also found in the new covid vaccines.
“Ontario Bill 100 about to pass- grants permanent & expanded emergency powers. THEY CAN SEIZE YOUR HOME FOR PROTESTING no hearing no trial no due process.”
COVID-19 waste worldwide:

Illegal Mandates




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